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Sexual Challenges

Even SOLID marriages experience critical relational periods!

As clinicians, we understand the typical stages of a marriage and its normal stress points. Because clients may know of these stress points doesn’t mean they are any easier to navigate, or less painful. It just means that couples should be wise to seek help early.

We don’t wait to go the dentist until our teeth are about to fall out! Wise people take care of the things that are important. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between an intelligent individual and a wise person. Which one are you?

Even solid, loving couples can find themselves on the brink of separation and divorce. Do not assume that your love is all you need.

Stress may arise from many different sources

Being newly-married
Children, no children
Loss of job or job change
Depression and anxiety
Health issues
Mid-life transition
Death of a parent
Moving to a new location

These are all examples of stressful events that can cause turmoil in your marriage relationship. These stressors are immediately felt within your sexual relationship.

Sex and Relational Stress – are like oil and water! They don’t mix well!

Sex Matters!

A supportive sex therapist can help you process the stressful issues and help bring sexual intimacy back to a healthy and wholesome place within your relationship.

Throughout your relational life cycle, your sex life is more likely to experience challenges than not! This is normal. Like good dental care or medical care, early response is a wise response. As sexual creatures, there can be many physical, emotional and relational issues that will be transmitted to the bedroom.

Over the last twenty-five years of practice we have seen literally thousands of couples and we hear what couples struggle with. Take my word for it. Sex IS IMPORTANT. Good sex is important for a good relationship. If you don’t care for this part of your relationship, it will affect the entire relationship. Do not be the couple that comes into our office and says “we should have been here years ago”!

The wise seek help – the proud suffer in silence!

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